Sunday, January 16, 2011

the time

Exams are done, and Im happy about the results. guess what? all 90 yeaay me! back to our topic, its been weeks, Im not uploading and blogging some stuffs. For today, I'll start with out christmas party last december '10 at our school. It was fun! Their was a candy fair, where there are free photobooths with Teejay Madrilejo and Andre Endique. The room was packed with foods, goodies and games. Their were the ones who dressed up and the ones who are uhhm., not fashionably inclined. After the party, my friends and I went straight to Greenbelt, Makati to hang out. We watched frozen, ate at Burger king, coffee at starbucks then enjoy the night breeze. For my outfit, I wore my Forever 21 bandage skirt, Gap gray shirt and glads from parisian.

As you can see, I study in a Catholic school and I know you would to ask me, why am I wearing that kind of skimpy outfit. its because this is my after party look. I changed from a jumpsuit to a skirt. I'll show it to you after this post.

Some of my friends and the rest of the class :)
Im a junior high btw.

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