Thursday, September 30, 2010

friday night at marriot

*the outside lobby
Okay guys, I had this some kind of reunion with my balik-bayan relatives from the states and they asked us to have dinner with them at the newport. AGAIN. ahuh. that's right. So after school, I went home like 6:00 pm then headed straight to my house for some change of outfit.(btw, we have school uniforms) I had this black polka dot skirt from CANDY, and this fab plain white shirt from SM, a black cardigan from The loft to keep my warm and those very-used shoes from Australian. We first waited at the marriot hotel lobby then met with my tita and tito and their babies Lindsay and Jasper. We had a dinner at the Red Crab in resorts world, I know Im a Filipino but honestly, Im not a big fan of filipino foods. The guys, decided to go on a casino night! and damn, I didnt had the chance to go with them cause Im a kiddo! :\ so, us girls, me my mom tita and her babies went to their room to have some coffee. :) Had a chit-chat through out the night. I HAD A GREAT TIME WITH THEM! and they promised, that they'll visit Manila again next time. :) Sorry, for the low quality of some outfit pictures. Cause I forgot that I brought my camera, so, throughout the night. I had no idea that there a camera in my purse. So stupid of me. :) So, here it is!