Sunday, August 29, 2010

summer heat


*pink dress- Junkfood
black cardigan- Loft
shades- ray ban
white belt- bread and butter
flat- possibility at the ramp
bracelets- personalized



*pink dress(used as a top)- freeway
polka dot skirt- H&M
white belt- randomly founded on the cheap boutiqes of glorietta 5
silver bangles- landmark
cocktail headband- gift from a friend


In Philippines, its like a tradition that every sunday is "FAMILY DAY" where every family goes out and have fun together. This day, we decided to go to the usual place. And its Makati. So, we had a yumyumyum lunch at Yellow cab, were only 3 people. Me,my dad and mom, So we just ordered a 14" Manhattan meatlovers. Its delicious aside from my all time favorite- New York's finest. After lunch, My mom and I had decided to shop. And were surprised that S.M is on sale( up to 50%) HOW COOL IS THAT?! :). We shopped for shoes, blouses, jeans and bags. I guess, the best bonding time with your mother is SHOPPING. While Dad-and- son bonding is more on sports. LOL. see the differences? From 11:00am we went home like 7:00. ikr? A VERY LOOOOOONNNNGGGGGG TIME for shopping. This is what girls do while shopping:
1. Check all the shirts and everything inside the store.
2. Fit. and of course, they should look hot and sexy
3. They dont buy it first!
4. They look for discounts and if not, they go to the next boutique
5. search and fit again
6. Go back to the other one and buy.
7. If they have plenty of bucks, They'd buy all the stuffs they want.
8. It takes 3-5 hours to have a heavenly shopping.

-vanessa hudgens shopping

While here is the shopping shed of guys:
1. Go inside a store
2. Find a nice shirt. The one's that is NOT girly and has good designs. Mostly, they pick on what is on trend.
3. they dont go to the fitting room. They fit it publicly like putting the shirt infront of their body.
5. It takes only 5 minutes to buy a shirt for them.

that is what I noticed, My Dad is like that. LOL. But he's pretty brand consious. Unlike, my mom and me. We picked everything that is CUTE, HOT AND NOT FAKE.

okkayy, that's all. As I said, I'll post my cheap thrills here later on. If I have time.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I was reading this newspaper called "Supreme" section. And I saw this advertisement called "ULTRA CINEMA". well, Im really curious on how ultra it is. It says that the cinema has many functions and ammenities like a personal butler whom you can call in just a click, UNLIMITED POPCORN AND SOFTDRINKS, surroung sound, private view screening, reclining chair. OHH GOSH! how cool is that?! right? right? So, this saturday, August 28,2010. My dad, mom and I went to Newport, Pasay to check a visit. Well, my first impression was "ITS LIKE THE FORT!". with trees, hotels and big big big big!:) Resorts world has marriot hotels, and condos by megaworld and of course, The newport. We didnt know that this saturday is the day of the "mutyang pilipinas". I wa surprised when I entered, Its like a hotel. No joke. And add the point, that almost eveyone is on their own formal attires. And I was there with my mini dress, tights and heels. WTF?! Anyways, The mall is very high-end. More classy than greenbelt combined with rockwell. YESSS! it is. The cheapest boutiqe their is Bench. Ikr? cheapest! but the following is store specialist inc like topshop, samsonite, topman, ck, dior, d&g and more. then there's tiffany, YSL, OVO and many more. Some of them are just opening. The foods and clubs are fully ope and functioning. Like the red crab cafe, UCC, the republiq club and etc. Did I told you, that REPUBLIQ CLUB is effin' cool? SWEAR! you should visit sometime. its like the son of encore and ascend. But its located in Pasay. LOL. Maybe, I can eat eat eat and be fat in newport. But i dont have the big bucks to shope till you drop there. Maybe, if i sell my house and car. I can go buy 50 pairs of YSL. no kidding. im a shopaholic but not an inner circle. LoL, if I am. then Im their until now attending the mutyang pilipinas pageant and has VIP tickets instead of writing this blog on how ridiculous my first trip to newport a while ago. Fyi, we didnt watched the cinema. Cause, you NEED TO CALL FOR A RESERATION FIRST! YES,you should call. hahaha. And when we get to the cinema cashier, we are the only ones talking and everyone is going back and saying "ANO BA 'YAN, AND ARTE NAMAN DITO" HAHAHA. So maybe, we'll call in a week and watch the EXPENDABLES. :> and experience the ultra cinema in newport. But then, i told you that we only visited newport. Resorts world is composed of marriot hotel, maxims.

Friday, August 27, 2010

pink, pink, its all PINK!

OKAAY, so this picture is very old. This is my first look, for the most-famous fashion blogging site called LOOKBOOK.NU well, its an invite only community site. Its either you'll apply(apply- as in apply or audition to have an account) or get invited by a member. This photo was taken last summer 2010 at my room. Hahaha. :))) well, at least. It still has an effect. Its still posted on my lb account. hope you'll check it out and hype some. (HYPE= a button that you'll press if you like the look) :)