Monday, October 25, 2010

field trip.. super late blog.

*jumpshots. hahaha

* that's me on the right side

* me jumping on the left side

okay, its been months that Im not updating my blogger account, since Laziness always strike on me. Its semestral break and I decided to update my network accounts. :) as far as I remember, we had FUN(obviously!) especially the bus part. hahaha.throwing foods everywhere, its like mobile bar where we get wild on a bus WITH OUR TEACHER inside. :D anyways, here are some photos. This trip happened last august I think? its really fun. Im with my fellow junior high school peeps. have fun!

Some places we visited were Barasoin church in Bulacan, the clear springs factory, lights and sound museum(Whichwas really boring! YAWWWN) and other random places in pampangga. :)

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